@prefix this: <https://w3id.org/fair/icc/np/A1.2-Explanation/RA3Hr_3Jus0_C0exBw9rFxwq7IzZvyPxYEzuUzkRpsOLo> .
@prefix sub: <https://w3id.org/fair/icc/np/A1.2-Explanation/RA3Hr_3Jus0_C0exBw9rFxwq7IzZvyPxYEzuUzkRpsOLo#> .
@prefix latest: <https://w3id.org/fair/icc/latest/A1.2-Explanation> .
@prefix icc: <https://w3id.org/fair/icc/terms/> .
@prefix fair: <https://w3id.org/fair/principles/terms/> .
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@prefix pav: <http://purl.org/pav/> .
@prefix np: <http://www.nanopub.org/nschema#> .
@prefix orcid: <https://orcid.org/> .

sub:Head {
  this: np:hasAssertion sub:assertion ;
    np:hasProvenance sub:provenance ;
    np:hasPublicationInfo sub:pubinfo ;
    a np:Nanopublication .

sub:assertion {
  icc:A1.2-Explanation a icc:Explanation ;
    rdfs:comment "Some digital resources, such as sensitive individual data, require additional measures to be followed, such as ethical approval, before access can be granted. The ‘A’ in FAIR does not imply ‘Open’ or ‘Free’, but it does require that the exact conditions and the process to access restricted data are transparent and made public. Any additional authentication and authorization procedures must be specified. Therefore, prior to the release of a restricted digital resource, publishers must take steps to clarify eligibility and process." ;
    rdfs:isDefinedBy latest: ;
    rdfs:label "A1.2 Explanation" ;
    icc:explains-principle fair:A1.2 .

sub:provenance {
  sub:assertion pav:authoredBy icc:FAIR-Principles-Explained-Working-Group .

sub:pubinfo {
  this: dct:created "2019-07-26T13:27:47.420+02:00"^^xsd:dateTime ;
    dct:creator orcid:0000-0001-8888-635X , orcid:0000-0002-1267-0234 , orcid:0000-0003-4818-2360 ;
    dct:license <https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/> .